Useful and Cool Links

Disclaimer : I do not have enough time to check from time to time the validity of each link presented on this page but I will do my best to mantain this list in good shape.
This page is under permanent construction.

Links to my friends:

Alexey Bulychev's Home Page
Irakly Shanidze's Home Page

Photography Related Links:

Cory's Photo Gallery- Beatiful photos of wild animals and landscapes in Wisconsin.
Dan Sudia's photos of the birds - Beautiful photos of the birds from UGA MNH bird photos archive.
The Harper Gallery.
Weslaw Kalinowski Photos
Magical Moments by Randy Wang
The Mountain Gallery- Dazzling photos by Quang-Tuan Luong.
Nick's Photo Gallery
Photography Review - Reviews of photo equipment.
PhotoPoint - Share photos, store images, buy prints. - On-line picture stock agency.

Software on Internet:

TuCows Shareware search engine - One of the best shareware program selections.
Galt Shareware Zone - Frequently updated selection of approx. 200 best shareware programs on the Internet.

Russia and Ukraine related links:

Chertovy Kulichki - Russian Information, Folclore, Humor, Games.
Gusarskii Club - Russian Fun Club.
Anekdot.Ru - Russian Humor.
Sporu.Net - Russian Humor.
SovInformBureau by Vadim Maslov - Programs, fonts, news, links. - Russian News. - Russian News.
Courier.Ua.Com - Ukrainian News Agency.

Other Interesting places on the internet:

Terra Server - A collection of satellite images of the Earth.
Earth from Space - A collection of satellite images of the Earth.
Mars Global Surveyor Site - Mars Global Surveyor - Welcome to Mars!.
STScI/HST Public Information - A collection of Hubble Space Telescope images.

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